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The New York Knicks are winning games in a multitude of ways. Road wins have been happening often for the Knicks this season as they sport a 20-12 record, second best in the East behind the Boston Celtics who are currently 20-11. Road wins seems mostly like home games due to traveling Knick fans. Maybe the passionate Knick fans can be thanked after all. With all that being said, there seems to be no such thing as home-court advantage for the Knicks, who are also improving their play inside of Madison Square Garden.

Tom Thibodeau is a darkhorse contender for the NBA Coach of the Year.
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The Knicks are well coached and prepared no matter who they’re playing against nor what environment they’re playing in. It seems like New York Knicks defense travels just as well as its Knick fans. Stifling opponents on the road and taking their fans will to cheer for their home-court team seems to be the norm these days. Lets not forget the Knick are fans always attempting to drown out the opposing team’s fanbase when the Knicks make an offensive run in crucial moments of the away game. Momentum on the road is everything in the playoffs. The Knicks can surely use all the momentum they can generate during away games this upcoming post-season.

This current hot stretch of basketball the Knicks are playing is elite. However, under Head Coach Tom Thibodeau, this kind of winning basketball is not new. Thibodeau was a Knicks Assistant Coach during the miraculous Knicks 1999 NBA Finals run. Thibodeau was also the architect of the “Ice” defense that helped the Boston Celtics will the championship in the 2007-08 season. During the 2008 NBA Finals, Tom Thibodeau was recognized as the defensive guru who figured out a way to contain Kobe Bryant.

In Thibodeau’s first year coaching the Chicago Bulls in 2011, he ended up winning NBA Coach of the Year. The current Knicks Head Coach has shown the roster how to win under many circumstances. Will the Knicks continue this positive play in the playoffs whether or not they end up having home-court advantage? The coach’s track record says without a doubt, yes! Tom Thibodeau is now the first Knicks head coach since Red Holzman (1972-73) to have two eight game winning streaks in the same season.

Anybody who says Tom Thibodeau isn’t a good coach is totally disregarding the facts of him being a winning coach plus the respect his coaching colleagues around the league have for him. The hardest working coach in the league now has the personnel to execute his style on both ends of the basketball court thanks to this current Knicks regime in Leon Rose, World Wide Wes, Scott Perry, Brock Aller, Walt Perrin, amongst other front office personnel.

Immanuel Quickley Is A Deadly Force On Both Ends Of The Court.

Immanuel Quickly celebrates during the Knicks’ win over the Celtics on Sunday.

On Sunday night Immanuel Quickley started in place of an injured Jalen Brunson and tortured the Boston Celtics on the road. Quickley demoralized the Celtics faithful inside TD Garden by scoring 38-points and 8-rebounds. Quickley also had 7-assists to go along with 4-steals in the double overtime gritty win. Quickley played 55-minutes, which was the most minutes played by an NBA player this season! This road victory is more ammunition for the argument about the Knicks needing home-court advantage in the playoffs. Knicks have been torturing teams away from MSG.

New York Knicks depth is crucial due to their relentlessness on both ends. Beating the number two seed in the East without Jalen Brunson in the lineup on the road is beyond impressive. The Eastern Conference is taking note and this upcoming playoffs will be the introduction to a feared Knicks team with a tough-minded identity.

Not Only Is Thibodeau’s Coaching Style Designed For The Playoffs, The Top Two Players Offensive Styles Are Also Designed For It.

Vincent Carchietta – USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks don’t need “stars” anymore because Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle are proving to be arguably the deadliest duo in the NBA. Both are good at reading opposing defenses and formulating their isolation plays accordingly, whether their iso possession ends with a basket, a hockey assist, or a traditional assist, the IQ and ability to react to what defenses are doing is tailor-made for playoff basketball. Immanuel Quickley has also emerged as a deadly force on both ends of the court. Quickley’s argument for NBA Sixth Man of the Year award has skyrocketed after his recent performance against the Boston Celtics. It won’t matter if the Knicks are away or at home, this style of basketball will be hard for opponents to stop, especially with the way those two are shooting the basketball. The scary part is the fact it’s their first season playing together.

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