The Knicks have made this mistake before.

We all know KP is the Knicks future, but they haven’t been winning.

Is this on KP?

Absolutely not.

Phil Jackson made the decision to not draft a point guard and go after a run down Derrick Rose in the offseason. The Knicks went 31-51, and management is thinking about picking up Ricky Rubio?


In my opinion, the Knicks need to go after a young and athletic point guard, like Dennis Smith Jr., which the Knicks have thought about in the past but never went after.

According to several sources, Phil Jackson and the Knicks — well, maybe just Phil Jackson — are pushing to keep the triangle offense. The triangle can’t be used as an excuse to pass on Dennis Smith Jr.. Mock drafts currently have him available at #8, and the Knicks need to draft a point guard to develop, and grow, in their offense.

Dennis Smith Jr. is that player.

At 6-3, he has good size for his position, and he is the most explosive guard in the upcoming NBA Draft.

YES, the most explosive player in this years draft! Not Lonzo Ball, not Markelle Fultz, but Dennis Smith Jr..

His hesitation, jab step, crossovers, and step-back jumpers creates a lot of space, and he puts defenders on their heels when he drives to the bucket.

Oh, and we all know Phil likes point guards with size.

Dennis Smith says he wants “buckets over dimes,” although I can’t doubt his outstanding playmaking abilities. With KP’s size and ability to play around the perimeter, and in the paint, Smith Jr. can find him in either of those spots off a simple draw and dump.

Lastly — with two more seasons left on Phil Jackson’s contract — by drafting Dennis Smith, the triangle will be long gone.

He is a dynamic player with a solid foundation to build around KP.

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