New York Knicks owner James Lawrence Dolan has finally gotten it right. After former President, Steve Mills got fired during his attempt to trade away Julius Randle, Dolan brought aboard New Jersey native Leon Rose, who has been basically transforming the New York Knicks prior losing culture under Steve Mills, into a defensive, unselfish style of winning basketball. The current style of Knicks play frustrates its opponents mentally for a full 48-minutes. The men sporting the black, blue, and orange city edition jersey’s have developed a killer instinct which arguably puts New York’s favorite team on the short list of the most dangerous teams to face in the NBA, especially in the playoffs. Many fans respect the unity and camaraderie the current Knicks squad display on the basketball court. Head Coach Tom Thibodeau’s team moves in unity and Julius Randle emphasizes the fact that they’re really a “Big 15”. Leon Rose’s hiring of long time friend in William Wesley, also known as “World Wide Wes” to join the front office alongside a savvy, experienced general manager in Scott Perry, has been crucial in assembling a New York Knicks team that’s really built for 48-minutes of war and disruption defensively from top to bottom. In addition, the improved three-point shooting percentage from New York spells disaster for opponents as well.

Knicks Defense Frustrates the Opposition.

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The road game on May 3rd in Memphis against the Grizzlies was a prime example of the Knicks defense and overall hard-nosed style of play getting under the skin of their opponent. Grizzlies felt the Knicks in their air space all night long. Ja Morant mentally checked out in the fourth quarter, ends up losing his cool on referee Tony Brothers. Morant got ejected along with Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins, who also voiced his displeasure towards Tony Brothers and Leon Wood. The Knicks calmly took advantage and sank the technical free throws, expanding their late fourth quarter lead which put the game completely out of reach for the Grizzlies. A short-handed Knicks squad missing an elite rim protector in Nerlens Noel, while on the second game of a back to back, displayed the “next man up” mentality Thibodeau enforces.

Julius Randle’s Dangerous Mix of Scoring, Offensive Playmaking, and Sturdy Defense Continues to Propel the Knicks.

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The 2020-21 NBA Most Improved Player candidate has developed a dangerous offensive arsenal capped off by tremendous three point shooting. Julius Randle has improved his offensive playmaking and his overall shooting. Even Randle’s free-throw shooting has improved. Julius Randle is tough to stop as he currently averages 24.2-points and 10.3-rebounds to go along with 5.9-assists per game. The Dallas, Texas Native is also averaging one steal per game on the defensive end. The 6’9” chiseled Knicks point forward has emerged as a dangerous two way player on both ends of the basketball court. The offseason physical work put in by the former Kentucky Wildcat prepared him for the current lead role in Tom Thibodeau’s proven winning system.

Derrick Rose is Playing Like a NBA Champion.

Although Derrick Rose has never won a title, the Chicago native is playing like he’s won several. On May 3rd, the former Memphis Tiger put on a show against the Memphis Grizzlies and a frustrated Ja Morant couldn’t do anything about it. Rose scored 25-points on 11 of 15 shooting to go along with 3 of 5 shooting from three point territory. The Knicks bench unit with Rose leading the point-guard position, plays like a solid starting five unit. The connection Rose and Taj Gibson have with Coach Tom Thibodeau is very special and will serve the Knicks extremely well come playoff time. Rose’s veteran leadership is also helping sharp-shooting rookie Immanuel Quickley tremendously.

Knicks are Built Physically and Mentally.

The Knicks are very tough physically. The physicality in which they play with wears opponents down. By the fourth quarter, RJ Barrett and Julius Randle take turns trying to rip the soul and fight out of their opponent. The relentless overall style on both ends of the court by Thibodeau’s Knicks will make them overachieve and there’s a possibility Knick fans haven’t seen anything yet.

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