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The New York Knicks couldn’t be happier when it comes to counting their blessings in terms of a talented young core as training camp approaches. This includes RJ Barrett, a 22- year old who’s level of maturity makes people forget his age. From his work ethic and style of play, to how he deals with New York City fans and media, Barrett is the real deal. Playoffs is inevitable due to the seriousness in which Barrett approaches the game and his craft in the offseason. Knicks have another chance in the 2022-23 draft to add another stud or two. Walt Perrin and the rest of the Knicks staff will be ready for the deepest draft class since former prospects LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. This was the extremely talented and bottomless draft in the summer of 2003, nearly two decades ago, which also included former prospects Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, TJ Ford, Kyle Korver and others.

RJ Barrett & Knicks Finalize Rookie Contract Extension Amidst Brewing Animosity Between Knicks/Jazz Front Offices

Utah Jazz minority owner Dwyane Wade, left, speaks with all-star Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell following a game on October 20, 2021. The Heat’s interest in a trade for Mitchell would involve both Wade and Jazz CEO Danny Ainge, Pat Riley’s longtime bitter rival.RICK BOWMER AP

RJ Barrett finalized a four year deal in the midst of a Leon Rose/Danny Ainge war of young talent and future draft capital. After RJ Barrett signed the four year rookie $120 million contract extension, Danny Ainge spitefully traded Donovan Mitchell to the Cleveland Cavaliers, despite how much of a professional Donovan Mitchell been throughout the entire process. Danny Ainge did Mitchell no favors, in fact a more than reasonable deal with the Knicks was turned down by Ainge who deliberately settled for a slightly lesser deal with the Cavs in terms of young talent. Animosity began to brew between the two front offices and a good guy/player in Donovan Mitchell, a New York Native, got caught up.

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The 22-year old Canadian, Barrett, definitely possesses a New York grit and demeanor which suits him extremely well under the bright lights of MSG. Based on RJ Barrett’s projected production and fierce work ethic, the contract Barrett signed is reasonable despite what many others believe, and that’s due to the “poison pill”. If Barrett reaches contractual standards, his deal would maximize to approximately $127 million, however if certain contractual standards aren’t met within the “poison pill”, Barrett’s base of the deal may work out to around $105 million. All in all, the Charlie Ward curse has been broken!

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Charlie Ward Express Happiness In Infamous Curse Being Broken.

Charlie Ward at Florida State and New York. (Getty)

Charlie Ward let Daily News know he is happy the infamous curse which he claimed he heard about often is finally over. The former Heisman Trophy winner at Florida State University also emphasized the importance of fans understanding that just because a player has a nice contract doesn’t mean he’s an elite go to scorer every night. Ward feels it’s reasonable for the Knicks to let Barrett play to his strengths and not force the Former Duke star to be something he really isn’t. However, continuing to pour what’s necessary for the 22-year old to succeed in a way that lifts the entire team to new heights.

Charlie Ward wasn’t a fan of trading for Donovan Mitchell due to a questionable fit alongside Jalen Brunson. According to former Knicks point guard Ward, both Brunson and Mitchell need the basketball. In a catastrophic offensively negative situation like that, how can the team improve? Fit is extremely important especially if a haul of assets are traded away in anticipation of two extremely crucial cornerstone guards playing at an optimized level alongside each other.

Rowan Barrett’s Crucial Influence on his Son RJ Will Lead to Continued Success.

Rowan Barrett Sr., right, is embraced by teammate Steve Nash following a basket at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. (Kevin Frayer/Canadian Press)

The New York Knicks third overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, highest pick since Patrick Ewing, has improved every single season since being selected, however, there’s still work to be done. A sign of stability is present with the Knicks. Stability and continuity are both crucial for young players and the Knicks developmental coaching staff. Growth takes time and patience. Expectations shouldn’t change along with the salary, that kind of thinking is unrealistic. However, approach to practice and offseason is crucial for long term success of young players in the NBA like RJ Barrett.

Barrett also has the right people in his corner including his Godfather Steve Nash and his very own father Rowan Barrett Sr who played overseas and was under an NBA contract for two NBA teams, Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers from 1997-99. Rowan Barrett Sr. never played in a NBA game although being under contract, however he played against future NBA players whilst playing for St Johns University. He also played against top international players along with NBA players during his professional overseas basketball career. He’s the perfect person for RJ Barrett to have in his corner. The experience from all around is excellent for Barrett’s continued growth. Due to Rowan Barrett senior’s understanding of exactly what it takes to be extremely good no matter what level, RJ Barrett is cut from a different cloth, therefore, his upside is undeniable. Same exact kind of father son influence can be said about Rick Brunson and Jalen Brunson. It’s not difficult to see where Barrett’s high level maturity and work ethic comes from.

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Overall, some call the Barrett extension a consolation prize after the Donovan Mitchell deal fell through, however the Knicks have their young core in tact along with future draft capital which could play a huge role in another potential star who desires a change of scenery. Or another diamond could emerge from the Knicks young core due to constant player development and stability.


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