We know the Knicks have struggled heavily throughout the last few seasons and missed the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year. It’s obvious that Phil Jackson is hinting to rebuild around the franchise big man duo, KP and Willy.

According to reports, the Knicks are targeting one of the top prospects in the draft, De’Aaron Fox. He’s a quick and athletic guard that can play on both ends. At the NBA Combine, he told reporters “I’d love to play on the Knicks with Kristaps Porzingis.” He then adds “if I’m able to play with him, (Porzingis) I feel like we can do something special.”

According to sources, the Knicks are leaning toward trading Carmelo Anthony, although he has a no trade-clause. If the no trade-clause is waived by Melo, the Knicks have the option to trade him. If the Melo trade goes through, the Knicks will have to upgrade in that department by going after free-agent forwards such as Danilo Gallinari, P.J Tucker, Rudy Gay, etc.. The Knicks also struggled tremendously on the defensive end throughout the season, especially in late game situations. Free agency will also help the Knicks upgrade in that department as well.

Other than that, we’ll see what the Knicks will have in store for us in the upcoming seasons!

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