If you thought the Melo-Knicks-Rockets saga was over, you thought wrong! It has been reported that the Knicks and the Rockets have re-engaged in trade talks.

Now, we at the Knick of Time Podcast imagine there must have been a conversation between Melo and GM Scott Perry which re-ignited these trade talks. The convo probably went something like this:

Melo: Scott, look, you know what I want. I ain’t trying to be in New York no more man. That man Phil Jackson left a sour taste in my mouth. Steve Mills ain’t make it any better. I’m just ready to be out man. Y’all gonna start up these talks with the Rockets again or nah?

Scott: Melo, you already know the Rockets have little to offer. May you please expand the list of teams you want to be traded to. I’m not trying to get shafted by these damn Rockets.

Melo: Nah, work it out. I ain’t going anywhere else. I want a chance to win, and I’m about my money.

Scott: Well, I’m just letting you know, there’s a chance we won’t be able to make a trade with the Rockets that’s suitable for us. You may still be a Knick when the season starts. Hope you’ll be able to deal with that.

Melo: It is what it is. Just get that deal done.

So, Melo fans, gasp, cry, sit in a corner curled up, or do whatever it is you do to deal with Melo potentially being gone. It just might happen!

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