Mitchell Robinson is getting better under the tutelage of New York Knicks Assistant Coach, Kenny Payne and the rest of the Knicks solid coaching staff. Robinson is also getting swole due to his trainer Marcel Scott and overall drive to improve his physical strength in the paint. The Louisiana native is looking forward to a redemption season with the leading defensive team in the league, the New York Knicks.

The high flying 7’1” tall shot blocking extraordinaire who formerly committed to Western Kentucky’s program before getting suspended for alleged violation of team rules has been a key piece in Tom Thibodeau’s superb team defense. The Knicks arguably had the league’s best defense last season and Robinson contributed to it in between two inconvenient lengthy injuries.

A healthy and stronger Mitchell Robinson will only cause more problems for Knick opponents on both ends of the court. Add in new dual scoring and playmaking threats in Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier, Robinson’s life is expected to be easier offensively when playing alongside the two former Celtics in the projected starting lineup.

Added Spacing Bodes Well For Mitchell Robinson’s Potential Season of Redemption.

Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier are excellent offensive additions for the Knicks. Mitchell Robinson will play with a floor spacing point-guard for the first time in his young career. It will be very interesting to see the kind of offensive chemistry an experienced Kemba Walker and an athletically gifted Mitchell Robinson could accomplish on a nightly basis. Plus, add in the fact that Evan Fournier possesses playmaking and superb shooting abilities, Knicks offensive rating could improve drastically along with Mitchell Robinson’s production offensively due to better spacing from the guards. If Tom Thibodeau and his coaching staff are able to maximize each players strength collectively on offense, a positive fly-wheel effect could occur, causing the Knicks to be one of the most difficult teams for opposing coaches to defend due to so many compatible offensive weapons, creativity, versatility, and spacing.

Situational Robinson & Toppin Front-Court Depending Upon Matchups.

Mitchell Robinson and Obi Toppin front-court in sporadic situations based on matchups could be extremely exciting to see especially with both young players gaining experience together in the league. Improved point-guard play and overall acclimation could potentially turn New York into lob city on certain nights based on match-ups. However, offensive creativity from the coaching staff must be on point. Defensively, Toppin has shown improvement especially defending the perimeter, therefore, it’s a possibility Obi Toppin has added the ability to play small-forward in sporadic spurts alongside a solid rim protector like Mitchell Robinson backing him up in the paint for rim protection. Interoperability within the overall Knicks line-up provides the Knicks coaching staff with the ability to maximize versatility as adaption to one another continues.

Myles Turner or Mitchell Robinson?

The Knicks fanbase are apparently torn between keeping Mitchell Robinson or trading for Pacers starting center Myles Turner who happens to be good friends with Julius Randle. The former Texas Longhorn possess a crucial skillet set as a floor stretching center who is also able to protect the rim on the defensive end. Mitchell Robinson is more athletic than Turner on both ends of the court, plus the Knicks defensive shot-blocking anchor has a superb natural ability for defending the pick and roll, which Tom Thibodeau highly values from his center. Many have different standpoints on whether or not the Knicks should or could deal for Turner. However, Mitchell Robinson is eyeing a redemption season in a Knicks uniform. A reasonable wait and see approach seems valid.

A Hungry Mitchell Robinson will Continue to Lock in Defensively.

New York’s defensive anchor is ready to continue his hard work on the defensive end of the court. With his eyes set on winning the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award, Robinson continues to put in major work this offseason alongside his trainer Marcel Scott. Adding muscle weight along with continued strength conditioning will help the Knicks tremendously especially in the rebounding category. Every last action of a defensive stop is a defensive rebound and the Knicks front-court must be able to finish defensively and gain possession lessening second chance opportunities for opposing offenses.

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Mitchell Robinson can be Superb Offensively Sooner than Later Due to Added Pieces and Overall Coaching.

Mitchell Robinson is a superb rim-runner and shot blocker and he’s going to have a dynamic point-guard on the court with him at all times this season whether it’s Derrick Rose or Kemba Walker. Knick fans should be very excited to see what comes from a scenario like this especially with a stronger more mature Robinson accompanied with extremely knowledgeable coaches in his corner like Kenny Payne and head coach Tom Thibodeau. Joakim Noah had excellent success under Thibs, why can’t Mitchell Robinson? Mitchell Robinson is motivated and so is Leon Rose. The Knicks President most likely will look into extending Robinson to a reasonable long term contract sooner rather than later. Sky is the limit for the Knicks center and the upcoming redemption season after last years injury-fest should be highly anticipated for those who bleed orange and blue.

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