The red hot New York Knicks will host the Phoenix Suns at Madison Square Garden Monday night, April 26th. Tom Thibodeau and the Knicks are a top three defensive team while the Monty Williams led Phoenix Suns efficiently ran offense is currently top three in assists per game due to Chris Paul being their starting point guard. Phoenix Suns are currently one of the league’s best teams record wise. The Knicks however are on a scorching 9-game winning streak. Julius Randle and the Knicks will look to continue the streak inside MSG against the second best team in the Western Conference.

Elfrid Payton & Jae Crowder’s Edgy History.

It was a terrible night at Madison Square Garden for the Knicks January 29th 2020. Jae Crowder whilst playing for the Memphis Grizzlies decided he’ll try disrespecting the Knicks by stealing the basketball and attempting to pad his stats with a three point attempt during a blowout victory. Elfrid Payton shoved Jae Crowder during his three point attempt which then led to an all out brawl. Julius Randle got involved during the altercation with the Grizzlies. Knicks Interim Head Coach Mike Miller at the time was restraining and trying to calm down the Knicks starting point guard. Elfrid Payton, Julius Randle and the Knicks will remember and most likely come with an extra chip on their shoulders once they lock eyes with Jae Crowder again, if he is able to play. Crowder has been hobbled by an ankle injury he suffered Wednesday, April 21st against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Bad Blood Between Tom Thibodeau & Jae Crowder in 2018.

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Tom Thibodeau and Jae Crowder had a moment in which the two exchanged words back in 2018. Tom Thibodeau threatened to fight Jae Crowder after an altercation broke out in Utah following a hard foul on Ricky Rubio from Jeff Teague. Taj Gibson seemingly trying to deescalate the situation was in the heart of the mix up. Jimmy Butler came to Tom Thibodeau’s defense, telling Jae Crowder to stay away from his then head coach. The debacle spilled unto Twitter as well. Don’t be surprised if Jae Crowder, Elfrid Payton, Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, and Tom Thibodeau have this Phoenix Suns matchup marked on their calendars. Although teams and locations have changed for some, the beef is already embedded. Referees may call this one tight from the beginning in order to avoid 1993 from happening all over again.

Knicks Must Contain Devin Booker and Chris Paul at All Costs.

Chris Paul and Devin Booker have been playing playoff basketball causing the Phoenix Suns to have a 42-17 record, second seed in the Western Conference. Paul is the engine for the Suns offense due to his awesome playmaking ability. Devin Booker, who is averaging 19.2-points during his last five games, has become a 3-level superstar scoring machine for the Suns. With the Knicks possessing the best defense in the league, perimeter defense won’t be stressed enough by Thibs coaching staff during game-day. Rebounding the basketball after each defensive stop will be very crucial for the Knicks in order to extend the winning streak to ten games in a row.

Can Knicks Extend 9-Game Winning Streak against Suns?

The Knicks have been playing at a phenomenal level since April 9th, the same day New York City’s beloved DMX passed away. Can the Knicks extend their 9-game winning streak against a tough all-around Suns team? Any game can be won if played correctly. Defense once again will be priority in carving out a win against one of the NBA’s best teams. Coach of the Year candidate, Tom Thibodeau, will definitely have the troops ready against Head Coach Monty Williams along with their savvy backcourt in Chris Paul and Devin Booker.






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