Two New York Knicks signees have shown how much they enjoy playing with one another even in their brief stint on the court as teammates in Boston last season. Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier have played against each other for years in the competitive Eastern Conference. However, once they had the opportunity to play together in Boston, there was instant offensive chemistry.

According to Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports, the Boston Celtics owned the a net rating of +30.8 last season which was second best in the entire NBA amongst all two man lineups with at least close to 95-minutes on the floor together. Walker and Fournier are both terrific shooters, ball handlers, and playmakers. Both possess high basketball IQ which will only improve the offensive rating for the Knicks this upcoming season. Opposing coaches will have difficulty designing defensive schemes to guard the duo due to their seamless interoperability on the offensive end which could potentially unlock other players in the starting line up more than ever before. If Tom Thibodeau is able to get creative offensively with his new weapons, more often than not, defenses going against the Knicks will often be caught in a pickle when Mitchell Robinson is cutting to the rim due to a pick and roll scenario involving anyone of the solid low turnover rate backcourt in Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier. Defenses scrambling for their life trying to defend everybody’s strength will be a nightmare especially with former 2020-21 NBA Most Improved Player Award winner Julius Randle, and a offensively surging and improved three-point shooting RJ Barrett.

Mitchell Robinson Finally Gets A Bonafide Point Guard in the Starting Lineup.

If Kemba Walker starts for the Knicks, Mitchell Robinson will finally be in the starting lineup with a legit point guard consistently, whether its Derrick Rose or Kemba Walker. With Kemba Walker being the projected starter, Mitchell Robinson’s life will become easier offensively. Many easy baskets Elfrid Payton wasn’t able to get him will be possible playing alongside Walker, due to Walkers ability to stretch the floor and manipulate defenses with his crafty play. Many should expect more drop-offs and lobs to Mitchell Robinson from Walker. Robinson will also benefit from Fournier’s playmaking and shooting ability as well. The Knicks exercised Mitchell Robinson’s $1.8 million team option for 2021-22. The 2018 second round pick has an opportunity to redeem himself this upcoming season and what better way to do so than having two high basketball IQ players like Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier by his side.

Overall, Knick fans should be amped for this upcoming season due to what can be achieved offensively. Julius Randle and RJ Barrett may be able to play an easier game once everybody acclimates themselves with Fournier and Walker. Tom Thibodeau and the rest of the solid Knicks coaching staff will have some fun work cut out for them in helping mesh the two new additions with the current and already familiarized Knicks roster.

Evan Fournier Already Relishing New York City.

Things have gotten chippy between Kevin Durant and Evan Fournier in the past. The former Magic and Celtic recently let it be known on Twitter his desire to be cut by the best barber in New York City. A Twitter user responded to Fournier about a fellow named “Kevin” who allegedly cut Fournier in Tokyo, suggesting Fournier should use the same alleged “barber”. Fournier responded to the comment stating “Kevin” needs a barber as well. Knicks Twitter has already fallen in love with Fournier’s sense of humor and many are looking forward to a Knicks/Nets matchup next season especially with a improved Knicks roster.



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