The New York Knicks have beaten the Dallas Mavericks on the road five times in a row. The first two victories of this winning streak on the Dallas Mavericks court came before Julius Randle’s arrival to the Knicks. The first victory of this streak came before the Dallas Mavericks drafted Luka Doncic. Dallas, Texas native Julius Randle plays with a mega chip on his shoulder every time he touches down in his hometown. Randle is averaging 22.1-points, 9.6-rebounds and 4.8-assists at the American Airlines Center.

Wednesday, March 9th 2022, during the Knicks victory against the Mavericks, Julius Randle began yelling “This is my gym”. A confident Randle and Knicks went on to blow out the Mavs by a lopsided score of 107-77.

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Very Strong Ties Between Knicks Front Office & Jalen Brunson.

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There are very strong ties connecting New York Knicks President Leon Rose to Dallas Mavericks guard Jalen Brunson. Jalen’s father, Rick Brunson played for the Knicks in 1998 and 1999. He also briefly played for the Knicks in 2000. Tom Thibodeau was the assistant coach and Jeff Van Gundy was the head coach for the Knicks on all three occasions for Rick Brunson. Therefore, Rick Brunson and Thibodeau have a well connected relationship. Leon Rose was an agent of Rick Brunson as well. The two also have a very close family-like relationship. Rick Brunson’s son, Jalen Brunson, was basically born into the strong CAA ties involving his father and Leon Rose. Therefore, Dallas Mavericks prior willingness to dangle Brunson in order to move up during the 2020 NBA Draft will cause many to anticipate the Knicks being a strong possible destination for the former two time national championship winner at Villanova University. Acquiring Jalen Brunson would add tremendous basketball IQ to the Knicks on both ends of the basketball court under Tom Thibodeau. Brunson won’t be an unrestricted free agent until this offseason. Could a sign and trade involving Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson between the Knicks and Mavs be a possibility? Brunson notched a playoff career high against the Utah Jazz in game 2, winning MVP of the night with 41-points, 8-rebounds, and 5-assists.

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World Wide Wes, Allan Houston, Julius Randle Spotted In Dallas For Game 1.

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Julius Randle, World Wide Wes, and Allan Houston were spotted by Marc Stein at Game 1 of the Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz first round matchup. A heavy Knicks front office presence in Dallas for the first game of the Jazz vs. Mavericks series definitely speaks volumes especially since the two franchises seem to like doing business with each other due to trades and free agent signings of mutual players.

Julius Randle and New York Knicks fans had a bizarre season and there’s a huge possibility Randle would rather go home to Dallas. A huge opportunity could be at stake and Randle smells it. Screaming “This is my gym” at a road game last regular season in Dallas didn’t sit well with Knicks fans either. The message Randle is sending is clear. The chiseled 6’9 250 lbs. power forward seems like he wouldn’t mind being traded out of New York to preferably Dallas.

Another player who’s been linked to the Knicks has been Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz. According to Marc Berman, the Jazz vs Mavs series should be watched by Knicks fans. During a recent interview with The Knick Of Time Show, Marc Berman stated the importance of Knicks Associate Coach Johnnie Bryant in Donovan Mitchell’s potential arrival to New York. Berman also mentions Donovan Mitchell loves New York and spends his offseason in his hometown. Not only are there ties between the Knicks front office and Jalen Brunson, there are also ties between Donovan Mitchell and the New York Knicks; The same Knicks team Donovan Mitchell preferred to get drafted to on draft night when former President Phil Jackson passed him up for Frank Ntilikina. Knicks Associate Coach Johnnie Bryant and Vice President – Senior Basketball Advisor, William Wesley, also known as World Wide Wes are huge supporters of Mitchell.

Donovan Mitchell, Jalen Brunson, And Julius Randle Could All Have Ulterior Motives.

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Donovan Mitchell has voiced his displeasure with the Utah Jazz toward the ending of the regular season. Julius Randle been going through his own debacle with Knick fans throughout certain parts of the regular season. Jalen Brunson has been silent vocally, yet his connections with the Knicks front office speaks volumes on paper. Could everybody be going ‘home’ this offseason? Could a three team deal already be in place between the Utah Jazz, New York Knicks, and Dallas Mavericks? Only time will tell. The first round playoff series between the Jazz and the Mavericks should be watched closely by all three fan bases, Knicks, Jazz, and Maverick fans.

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