The 2020-21 NBA Most Improved Player Julius Randle proved special loyalty by signing a team friendly 4-year $117 million dollar contract extension to remain with the New York Knicks. An awesome deal like this helps the Knicks financially in the upcoming years by making them very flexible in terms of market cap. It’s quiet clear Leon Rose and company have ultimate trust from the Knicks and Randle’s willingness to accept the team friendly deal shows how much the Knicks power forward understands the vision and potential. The extension starts in 2022 after his current deal is over.

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Julius Randle stated the following:

There’s no better place than New York, I felt, to do it; no organization or fan base that’s hungrier for a championship-caliber team than here in New York, For me, I wanted to be a part of that. Honestly, for the rest of my career, that’s really what I want. I wanted to be a Knick, I wanted to be one of the greats here. That was my thinking going into it.

A Future Championship Caliber Team in New York City.

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Julius Randle enjoys New York’s hunger and passion for the game. Due to the hunger from Knick fans to see a winning team take the court on a nightly basis, Julius Randle’s contract decision became one that could send the franchise into a steep yet positive upward trajectory in the near future, causing the Knicks enough flexibility financially to eventually become contenders sooner than later. Good will and trust goes a long way in the NBA and Leon Rose is serving up lessons other NBA franchise general managers and presidents my want to take notes from.

The Knicks are suddenly a future championship team due to their player salary flexibility, and future draft assets. Julius Randle’s motor and passion for winning has always existed. However, more motivation has been passed down from his former Laker teammate and Hall of Fame legend, Kobe Bryant.

Something special is brewing during the tenure of Knicks President Leon Rose. Randle and company understand the situation. Madison Square Garden is by far the best place to play winning basketball according to some. Good will from the aligned front office sends a message to its own players. A trickle effect of good treatment towards its own from the Knicks front office is being noticed around the league. Therefore, the negative sentiment will change and players wouldn’t mind playing in a Knicks jersey.

Julius Randle’s Contract Extension Proves Loyalty and Emphasis on Winning Basketball.

According to Bobby Marks of ESPN, after a slightly disappointing playoff performance against the Atlanta Hawks last postseason, it was expected for Randle to turn down the extension. It wouldn’t have been for lack of love for New York City and the Knicks, however, it would’ve been because $23.7 million may have been $11 million less than what he would’ve earned with another team in 2022. The Knicks and Randle reached a very reasonable deal in which Randle signed an extension for 4-years $117 million. According to ProFitX, Julius Randle outperformed his contract in 2020-21 by $13 million. The extension kicks in as soon as the current contract is finished. Some say Randle took a slight discount, however, when winning basketball is put into the forefront, a team friendly deal like Randle’s would be expected. Financial flexibility will be crucial for the Knicks moving forward in their continuance of playing winning basketball under the current savvy regime.

Kemba Walker is Officially a Knick!

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Yes, there are definite concerns regarding Kemba Walker’s left Knee. However, the Knicks were able to claim Kemba Walker off of waivers for a decent contract of roughly $8M annually. Kemba’s deal has similar worth to former Knick Elfrid Payton’s deal back in 2019 offseason.

According to Marc Berman, Dr. Wellington, professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Northwestern University stated that Kemba’s left Knee injury is worst than an ACL tear. The doctor stated above never examined Kemba Walker nor did he treat the newly signed Knick. Kemba’s work load will be significantly less than when he was with Boston and Charlotte.

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