New York Knicks potential starting point guard Immanuel Quickley went for a triple double in what some consider a meaningless win against the struggling Orlando Magic. Quickley’s overall improvement has been capturing the attention of many. Now the question about why Quickley isn’t starting the remainder of this lost season continues to drive fans insane.

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On April 3rd, 2022, Immanuel Quickley became the second youngest Knick to record a triple double. Quickley scored 20-points to go along with 10-rebounds and 10-assists during the blowout. The Kentucky Wildcat has improved in the rebounding category as of late. Tom Thibodeau has trusted IQ during the end of game situations due to his solid free throw shooting. Quickley is currently shooting 88.8-percent from the stripe, good for tenth in the league.

Tom Thibodeau Head-Scratching Decision On Starting Lineup.

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Tom Thibodeau is a stubborn winning career coach who’s been struggling to win games this season due to a plethora of reasons. Fans and many others believe Thibs is hurting the team due to his preferred starters and uneven allocation of minutes between veterans and younger players. Many feel the Knicks are deep and Thibs isn’t fully taking advantage of the Knicks’ depth. Others believe the Knicks are actually too deep and certain young players just can’t play due to the depth chart no matter how talented they are. With only a few games remaining, the key unanswered question continues to be, “why not start Immanuel Quickley instead of shooting guard Alec Burks?”.

Analytics Running The Front Office?

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Is amateur front office President Leon Rose allowing analytics play a big role in roster decision making? Is Thibs doing the same in determining who should start games and play the most minutes? Many argue that the Evan Fournier and Kemba Walker signings looked excellent analytically. However, Kemba Walker’s knee wasn’t part of the analytical equation, neither was Fournier’s lack of aggression defensively. Thibs also stated his reason for starting Alec Burks, which is partially analytically driven. Thibs believes the starting lineup consists of the best players on the team. Basically taking Burks away from his best role, which is shooting guard off the bench.

Immanuel Quickley’s Professionalism & Work Ethic Is Paying Off.

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Quickley is also a solid defender. His wingspan is underrated causing him to finish better at the rim and grab more rebounds. Quickley’s a high volume three point shooter, therefore his fit with starters Julius Randle and RJ Barrett is a little questionable. However, if Quickley improves efficiency from deep, things could become even more interesting offensively if he begins to start games. The 6’3 guard is good at pushing the pace, leading to more fast break opportunities with the second unit.

Quickley was a point guard in high school, therefore, playing the position isn’t anything new for the 22 year old from Maryland. However, developing under Johnnie Bryant has been key.

Overall, the Knicks must give Quickley a shot in terms of starting before another organization takes him away and makes him their starting point guard. Is it really all about accountability and performance as it is about analytics?

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