New York Knicks season was overly frustrating due to the over-accomplishment in reaching the playoffs in 2020-21, and Coach Tom Thibodeau winning the NBA Coach of the Year Award last season as well. The Leon Rose led Knicks front office tweaked a strong defensive roster last offseason which ended up backfiring on the organization due to signings Thibodeau might not have agreed with. The Knicks President and front office deserves most of the blame for Tom Thibodeau and the Knicks struggles. Two very solid perimeter defenders who played for the Knicks last season now play for the number one perimeter defensive team that allows the fewest opposing three pointers made, the Dallas Mavericks. The two former Knicks are Reggie Bullock, and Frank Ntilikina. Two players that contributed to winning basketball, alongside a healthy Derrick Rose and Nerlens Noel of course.

What Caused A Setback For the Knicks This Season?

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Senior Editor for KnicksFanTV Alex Trataros stated during episode 101 of the Knicks Jets Etc. Podcast the following around the 16:30 minute mark:

I blame the front office because you know who you’re getting. Leon Rose has known who Tom Thibodeau is. We’ve seen Tom Thibodeau’s entire portfolio of work, he’s going to be a defensive first guy, offense is pretty limited, lots of isolation basketball, so if you’re going to have a successful team you’re going to need defense, and that structure is still there when you watch the kids. they’re all playing defense. The thing is though, because we have signed Kemba Walker and  Evan Fournier. you have to play these guys over the kids because that’s where you put most of your money into and you can’t justify just sitting them for extensive periods of time. Sure Thibs could’ve managed. that’s the reason for our setback. 

Thibodeau’s Recipe For Winning Is No Secret.

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High motor, special defensive IQ, and excellent perimeter defense to go along with rim protection is personnel Thibs would stick with if the choice was all his. However, Thibs has to trust the front office to make the correct signings or trades and was let down a season after winning NBA Coach of the Year award. Will the Knicks front office correct their mistakes? If anybody knows what Tom Thibodeau prefers, it’s Leon Rose. Tom Thibodeau’s credibility is in serious question however. Many think Thibodeau is a fraud because all of his success is tied to Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson. Can Thibs have success without Derrick Rose, if injuries continue to plague him into next season and beyond?

Thibodeau’s Job Security Unsecured Next Season If Struggles Continue Early.

New York Knicks Head Coach Tom Thibodeau’s struggles were evident last regular season. Many Knick fans felt Thibodeau unfairly leaned on veteran players minutes-wise when injuries occurred. Thibodeau struggled in distributing a fair amount of minutes throughout the entire Knicks roster. Frustration from Knick fans continues to be reasonable due to the depth of the New York Knicks roster at each position. Many young talented players on the current roster can play Thibodeau’s defense-first style, however, Thibs allowed stubbornness to suppress what could’ve been a successful season. Sticking to the script is what Tom Thibodeau is all about, therefore, making certain adjustments on the go may be a challenge to possibly one of the most hard working coaches in the league. Being a headstrong coach clearly has its benefits due to Thibodeau’s overall career winning record. However, being inflexible has its disadvantages also, like seeing things too late and making adjustments when it no longer matters. Sometimes no adjustments were made at all. Tom Thibodeau’s job security will be something to pay attention to early next season if the Knicks struggles continue without any further adjustments from Thibs to help the Knicks win games.

Front Office Need Not To Overcomplicate Offseason Decisions.

Charles Wenzelberg – New York Post

Overall, over-complicating personnel due to what analytics say is a way to be unsuccessful in the NBA. Leon Rose and the front office have another chance to redeem themselves this upcoming offseason. Hopefully, last season’s blunder in signing Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier will teach the inexperienced Leon Rose and William Wesley a humbling lesson. Personnel compatibility for Thibs is crucial. Coach Thibodeau need defensive minded, high energy players, which are the total opposite of Fournier and Walker. With the Knicks settling in at the 11th pick for the 2022 NBA Draft and with the Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception($10.3M), and the Bi-Annual Exception($4.0M) at their disposal, the front office has a chance to bolster the young Knick roster with more compatible players.

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