Photo Cred: Anthony J. Causi – New York Post

After LeBron James had the temerity, the unmitigated gall to throw shade at Frank Ntilikina and the New York Knicks, while praising Dennis Smith Jr., Enes Kanter made sure the congregation on twitter knew that he, and his teammates, support Ntilikina.

Here is what Kanter had to say:

Kanter made sure to shut that noise coming out of LeBron’s mouth real quick. Like any good teammate, Kanter came to the defense of Ntilikina and made sure everyone in the “Twitterverse” knew what he felt about LeBron’s comments.

Luckily for Kanter, and the Knicks, they’ll be able to let LeBron know to his face what they feel about his comments on Monday when the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers drag themselves to the Garden to take on the resurgent Knicks, who have won seven of their last nine games.


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