Did Phil Jackson Try to Get Himself Fired?

Phil Jackson’s tenure as the New York Knicks President of Basketball Operations has been nothing short of awful.

Feuding with the star player, forcing the coach to run an outdated triangle offense, giving out horrible contracts, and almost trading the otherwise untouchable Kristaps Porzingis were all a part of Jackson’s three-year stand as president. All of this, combined with the fact that owner James Dolan cares more about his blues band, has made the Knicks the laughingstock of the NBA.

It may just be the fact that Jackson was simply a horrible president, but it bears the question: did Phil Jackson try to get himself fired so that he can take home an extra 24 million dollars?

Perhaps Jackson has been trying to get himself fired since he started slandering Carmelo Anthony, but the real indicator was the outrageous allegations that Jackson was putting Porzingis on the trading block. That was what finally made James Dolan forget about his blues band and fire Jackson, which answered the hopes and dreams of every Knicks fan.


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