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Did Phil Jackson Try to Get Himself Fired?

Did Phil Jackson Try to Get Himself Fired? Phil Jackson's tenure as the New York Knicks President of Basketball Operations has been nothing short of awful. Feuding with the star player, forcing the coach to run an outdated triangle offense, giving...

Why Frank Ntilikina is a good draft pick for the Knicks

Another year, another disappointing draft day for New York Knicks fans. When the Knicks selected Frank Ntilikina with the 8th pick, in the NBA Draft, fans weren’t as angry as they were when the Knicks selected Kristaps Porzingis two years ago, but their mixed...

Why the Knicks Should Draft Frank Ntilikina

With the NBA Draft fast approaching, the New York Knicks have been linked to numerous draft prospects, ranging from players who are exceptional on offense — like Dennis Smith Jr. — to players who have the competitive fire to...

Why the Knicks Need to Draft Dennis Smith Jr.

The Knicks have made this mistake before. We all know KP is the Knicks future, but they haven't been winning. Is this on KP? Absolutely not. Phil Jackson made the decision to not draft a point guard and go after a run down...

The Knicks Bad Move Bringing in Phil Jackson and the Doomed Triangle Offense

Bulls. Lakers. Jordan. Kobe. Pippen. Shaq. It's teams and players like these that really showed basketball fans, and the rest of the NBA, the greatness of the triangle offense and the greatness of coach Phil Jackson. Utilizing Phil's great...


Is Melo a true leader?

Carmelo has always been considered a leader for the Knicks, but his leadership has been questionable the year. Can Melo lead a team to a...

A Hard Knox Life

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