Friday, December 4, 2020
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Final – First Round Draft Mock with Trades

We are a day away from the 2020 NBA draft and not many things are certain except the time. We already have seen a couple of trades that have affected the board. We still don't have a consensus #1...

Who can the Knicks target with “weaponized cap space”?

Weaponized cap space is the new name given for the process of taking on a contract without giving back salaries within 125% of the salary taken. This is legal under the collective bargaining agreement if the team accepting the...

Should the Knicks Select Kira Lewis Jr. at #8?

The Knicks need to focus on selecting a point guard in November’s draft, but whether or not they should use the 8th or 27th pick to do so remains less certain. There are a number of point guards the Knicks...

Off-season Mock 2.0: Not Playing Our (Draft) Position

By Fritz Alcindor Jr.   Welcome to Mock 2.0. After the NBA Lottery, we now know our seeding for this year's NBA Draft on November 18th. I don't believe the Knicks should be content with their draft seeding of just the...

Knicks Offseason Moves At a Glance: Mock 1.0

This is my ideal summer for the New York Knicks and includes key dates to the offseason. The main strategy was to keep the Knicks options fluid for the future while making the playoffs. This plan is contingent on...


Nets Deliver Blow to the Knicks in Brooklyn

Last night, the battle of New York waged between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. Currently, both teams are on the opposite side of the spectrum.